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How we make a seamless tee


Seamless, using the same mechanism with common KNITWEAR, is able to express the common clothes

by continuing machinery development which overcomes previous limitations.

While, common clothes can never be made without seam, which is its fundamental limits and the strong point of seamless.

That is to say that seamless is the future-oriented item which surpass present clothes.

We had confidence in this potential and in our vision’s success, thus launched specialized seamless vendor company Leukon

with the aim to be the world’s best only with seamless. World famous brands have already been selling seamless

which is comfortable to wear and to work and easy to implement different functions before long.

It shows high repurchase rate for its comfortability. Yet many of buyers just do limited and restricted sales

because they have difficulty finding experienced partner who can handle seamless well.


Leukon’s seamless has five distinctions:

First, Leukon has been producing seamless for 14 years as a vendor company.

Second, we have developed 7 specialized plants for sports, lingerie and apparel, so that we can make perfect samples only with pictures.

Thirdly, infrastructure is established by Seamless R&D team to offer buyers fast  and accurate developments such as TEXTILE and FABRIC BOOK.

Fourth, we have dealt with large range of business from low-price market of Java market to high-end brands like BCBG MAXAZRIA or TALBOT COLLECTION.

Fifth, our staffs, who have knowledge and experiences on handling Seamless, boast great performance.

Leukon is a desired partner in the seamless business since no other business can catch up on our technique and passion and also seamless is not an item which can be achieved in a short time.


( active wear)

Active wear has become 2014’s Fashion Trend among celebrities who wear sportswear stylish on streets.

Sportswear and golf wear are reinterpreted as a mew modern style recently and became a new trend.

Active-wear has become a life-wear beyond sports suits in numerous media , Hollywood, and New York, as well as in Korea.

Due to health and diet issues, interests in sports and sportswear have amplified in Korea;

also influence by the celebrities showing off their slim but well shaped body.

As a result, a word ‘Atheleisure“, which is a combined word from ’athlete’ and ‘leisure’ is becoming a new fashion trend.

Previous sportswear was focused on activity of product itself, and developed functions such as wiching, quick-dry, anti-bacteria, or UPF (ULTRAVIOLET PROTECTING FACTOR.)

However, garments with fashionable designs and remarkable functions were hard to find;

but the future directions of sportswear development will be ‘Most Stylish’, which is faithful to its original tasks plus the comfortability and functions.

Manufacture flow and obstacles


Over 90% of exports orders is manufactured in the way of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which means a company manufactures the buyer’s designs and sells it under buyer’s label.


Current trend focuses more on R&D (RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT) to MANUFACTURE which leads to the way of ODM (ORIGINAL DEVELOPMENT MANUFACTUREING) which manufacturers design and develop prints, artwork, and offer completely finished products.

Most export orders are produced in Vietnam/Indonesia/Cambodia/Latin America and exported to USA or Europe these days.

Compare to the last decade, labor costs and costs of raw materials/accessories climbed up extraordinarily while the garment costs remain the same or even went down.

Thus, manufacturers are searching for new markets with cheaper labor costs.

Manufacturing companies are moving from Korea to China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia or Myanmar due to above reasons.

The success of clothing firms depend on reading trends in new markets and dominating the market in advance. Fast fashion SPA brands such as ZARA, Mango, Forever21 offer products with low prices by OEM, which has a dilemma between improving labor conditions and maintaining low prices. We are currently facing difficulties to offer good quality with low priced products in advance while improving manufacturing labor conditions.

Presents situation of lowering products costs in the midst of increasing labor costs seem to arise from Korean companies’ inclination to OEM methods which the buyers lead to.

Reasonable price and margin system will be realized by moving from OEM to ODM, through new materials and design development or application of new sewing methods.

Searching for new items and constant studying are the only ways of survival.

* OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer means one company consign its product manufacturing to another company which would be sold under the brand of the former.


In contrast, ODM, Original Development Manufacturing, is also called Original Development Manufacturing or Original Design Manufacturing.

Sewing Technology (flatlock cover stitch)

Existing sewing method has the problem of thickening seam part by making seam after overlock.

Recently, however, sportswear introduced flatlock cover stitch and make clothes without cloth overlapping.

Since it leaves no mark of long wearing, it is widely used for underwear and sportswear.


Flatlock cover stitch


General sewing


Welding is one way of connecting clothes without sewing by using specialty film and heat.

It is used mainly for alpine clothing zipper or pockets, and in the plackers on POLO t-shirt also used this in its placket, etc.


Swim sports


Swimwear is a common item but is developing every year utilizing its potentials to utmost.

Swimwear team is separated into Junior and Plus size team, developing styles by own interest and ability.

Juniors’ style has not much changed in body shape, but we use new fabric or trim in trend and proceed sample follow up

and order with dexterity with excellent sense to meet fast fashion.

In contrary, plus size styles have different fits and require technical skills.

Constant study and improving understanding of tech is the reason of increase in order contracts.

Junior and Plus Team, who have separated work area regarding actual fabric/trim,

continue to have meetings and communications to improve each other! We have best team work with rare team member change.

We help and communicate with each other, constantly learn and ask questions, and besides maintain personal association like tea-time or culture life.

This is the source of our long-run team work. Main plants of Indonesia and China is constituted with

multiplaying swimwear experts who can handle sample, pattern, and even bulk work.

With long-lasting partnership, plants are increasing its volume in accordance with climbing orders.



Fabric, the start of fashion and the largest part of it, not only protects our body from the outside, but influences on beauty, individuality, and social culture.

Since the development of nylon in 1935, fabric has experienced improvement beyond imagination, so that various SMART fabrics are produced.

Our company is recognized from many big buyers with our development of new fabric and dying method,

to make future-oriented fabric which overcomes limits of existing clothes and is appropriate for the latest trend.

For example, COOL FEELING FINISH and HEAT TECH to regulate body temperature,

QUICK DRY & WICKING for activity, ANTI BACTERIAL and  ANTI-BUGS to inhibit growth of bacteria and bugs from outdoor activities,

and more comfortable fabric using eco-friendly dying/processing method.

Also, we offer various designs of fabric with different sourcing C/O with lower price, and above all,

meet the payment deadline with quality management and know-how for production technology.

Finally, we welcome those who want to talk with us and are in need of us, and designated employee to take charge of the task of sample and main work.

We will make trustworthy company with open mind and best effort.