leukon | WHAT WE DO
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Leukon’s SCM (Supply Chain Management) service deals with all agencies and buyers

which customer company demands from design, procurement, manufacture, transportation, and to customs.

Also, clothes experts of all fields will provide services above customer’s expectations

by market research, retail and fashion trend prospect and innovative technologies.

Estimate of future innovative development/ sourcing

Speedy production payment

Accurate delivery

Human relationship

Estimate of future innovative development/ sourcing

We develop samples by analyzing of past designs and sales data, application of new and creative technology,

and prediction of customers’ desire and future trend.

Also, we optimize the commercialization process planning through experts’ brainstorming and systematic project to offer competitive price,

good quality and proper manufacture timing. We and our partners process all these works with our management regulations

which help to satisfy the requirements of advanced system and standards of industry.

We apply this standard into all our work process to make customers satisfied with our performance.

Speedy production payment

We shorten the production time via our check system which grades L/dip, SAMPLE and BULK thus minimize loss time

and percentage of reproduction during production process. Also, we communicate with buyers through various channels without delay as

we seem to be working with them in the same space.

Accurate delivery

We keep to be alert on weather, delivery method options, and destination circumstances to deliver products to the opposite side

of the Earth without any problems, and for this purpose we have 3-stage contingency plans.

Also, our total distribution solution operates storehouses, packaging, customs and inland delivery

to get the products delivered in accuracy of destination and of time.

Modernized system traces the freight and makes any replacement speedily.

Human relationship

We proceed all works based on universally valid moral values and open and tolerant attitude towards our customers

and partners discussing freely on problems, concerns, or requirements in pursuance with humane relationship and human rights.

Besides, each of our employees approach to customers man-to-man and works in detail.

Friendly and comprehensively.

These efforts arise from our motto to make workplace to enhance human values

and dignity by employees’ enjoying their work, and thus to spread this happiness all over the society.