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Multicultural society support


Foreign laborers have difficulty living in Korea—long working hours and poor working conditions.

Because of language barrier, multicultural family and foreign laborers fell into the neglected.

We will support them by “warm potato” or “warm neat” activity.

Unpopular sports amateur player support


Leukon SEAMLESS team will support unpopular sports –hurdle, women handball, and triathlete,

and mountain marathon— players, providing quarterly sports suits and promoting the sports in SNS to increase its popularity.

We will also fund them by donation program of 500 per seamless clothes not to lose their dream.

Exercise campaign for children’s sound physical development.

Low angle view of a girls soccer team playing soccer on a field

Children and adolescents are pillar of Korea’s future.

Their right to pursue happiness has been ignored under excessive competition and blind chase for success.

Leukon will contribute children’s sociality rearing and releasing stress through Leukon Adolescents FC.

Living together without prejudice

Concept shot of friendship and love

Society without prejudice is the base of sound society.

We still do not abandon our biased view over increasing minority groups like LGBT.

Leukon organized promotion team, “Leukon Rainbow”, to do away with prejudice or misunderstanding,

and developed seamless t-shirt of “We are one of the colors in rainbow” project to represent voice of the minority.

Support women in our society


In Korea, women still have a lot of restriction or difficulty with working.

Leukon supports activation of women small group (women small group basketball: every Thursday 17 h).

Also, by introducing selective or flexible working hour system we will assist women not to give up working because of child rearing.