We offer our customers everything from the development, production, delivery, and inquiries about seamless wears.

LEUKON Inc. even today is working hard on researching and developing seamless wears.”

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LEUKON Inc. was established in July 2004 with the item of the seamless wears.

From the first order in 2004 to producing 35million$ in 2022, LEUKON Inc. has both shared growth and adversity with the seamless business.
We are constantly investing 20% of our profits in R&D for the development of seamless products, continuously creating advanced technologies.

LEUKON Inc. is a representative ODM vendor for the production of seamless wears, providing everything you need from sample development to production and logistics.
LEUKON Inc.'s executives and employees are working pleasantly today for "a happy world together".
We will be LEUKON Inc. who take the value of our customers as a matter of the highest priority.

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