We offer our customers everything from the development, production, delivery, and inquiries about seamless wears.

미래 혁신 개발&소싱Development
We analyze past design and sales data, and apply advanced and original technologies. We also predict customer’s needs and future trends.
In addition, we optimize the commercialization process through expert brainstorming and systematic projects, planning to provide a competitive price and with good quality and proper manufacturing timing. We and our partners handle all of this work in accordance with LEUKON's management regulations.
신속한 제작 Rapid production
L/dip, SAMPLE, and BULK grading check systems shorten production time, minimizing loss time. We are also communicating with buyers through various channels without delay.
정확한 배송Delivery
We are meeting the diverse needs of buyers with a variety of shipping methods.
In addition to FOB, we operate a total transportation solution to the warehouse, packaging, customs clearance, and inland delivery of products to DDP.
With these systems, we are delivering exactly at the promised time and to the destination.
We do all our work based on universally valid moral values and an open, inclusive attitude toward our customers. In addition, each of the employees approaches customers in a man-to-man manner and works in detail.
These efforts begin from the motto of creating a workplace that increases human values.